I’m on a mission to shake up one’s perception of healthy eating by using influences and guidelines from various traditional Asian food cultures in my cooking.

This blog is an endless picture* menu of thoughts, recipes and unique tastes – no smells unfortunately. It’s a place where I can share my ideas about healthier ways of eating and cooking. 

Inspired by a trip to Bali, I am consumed with making food taste great using only the most natural and simple ingredients: whole grains, healthy fats, natural sugars and the like. Yes there will lot’s of squeeky clean dishes going on here, but a bit of indulgence will certainly manage to wiggle it’s way in amongst the vegetables.

*Commonly found at Asian restaurants. Normally features their best dishes – making it a lot easier to make great choices. I’m a fan, some aren’t.


Asian culture and food is all about balance – a concept that we, as increasingly health conscious westerners, can all benefit from. In our quest to improve our health, we’ve taken things to the extreme. Overdosing on green juices, going mad for chia puddings, regressing back to the stone ages and cutting out major food groups are just a few examples of those chasing the magic bullet.

On one hand, you could argue that it’s a good thing; we’re starting to think about our diets, the implications certain foods can have on our health, and are making active changes to our lifestyles to help turn things around.

Yet on the other hand, we find that the constant flood of mixed messages and opinions on the matter have caused for a lot of confusion. We’ve become so concerned with what we can and can’t eat, or what we should and shouldn’t eat, that we complicate things. And for many, just the thought of eating healthy has become intimidating, complicated or expensive.

We’ve lost track of the joy of food and the simplicity of eating well. It’s in simplifying what we have that we will come to eat better. It’s not about having all the latest healthy ‘superfoods’ in the world on hand, it’s about making the most of the good ingredients and produce that we have available to us. It all starts with making an effort to have good food on hand, and the rest will fall into place.




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